Saturday, October 29, 2011

Larry's Beans Coffee Review & Giveaway

Larry’s Beans wants you to love your coffee & truth be told…after opening the bag of Larry’s Dr. Mojo blend, I was lovin’ every little bean in my sight!  Here is another feel-good coffee:  

  • 100% Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown
  • Organic
  •   Facilities that utilize composting & rainwater harvesting
  • Green facilities including solar heated flooring, natural lighting, sustainable packing to name just a few!
  • Larry’s local deliveries are made in his bus that runs on vegetable oil collected from local businesses
  • Larry houses Raleigh’s only B100 Biodiesel refueling system
  • Biodegradable bags

Although I was born & raised in Michigan, I am a forever North-Carolinian, where Larry’s Beans reside.  Also, being a healthcare professional, I learned that UNC Hospital runs on Larry’s Dr. Mojo beans and no wonder you get top-notch care there!  Larry’s beans has coffee, teas, mugs that make you happy to drink out of, coffee gadgets, gift certificates, and soon they will have a coffee club!  There are so many unique blends, including the Dr. Mojo which is a new favorite, Bean Martin Blend, Cowboy Blend, & soooo many more including decaf blends & raw coffee beans!  Larry’s Beans is so cool that I am going to find a way to get my future dietitians there for a tour (and based on the website, I now need to know why you can’t touch ‘Ryan from packaging’s’ beard…)  There are too many amazing things to say about Larry’s Beans that you really need to visit his site: Larry's Beans

Thank you Larry’s Beans for sending me your unbelievably good Dr. Mojo blend and my new “happy” coffee mug at no cost for my review.  Thank you also for allowing my readers the opportunity to win a bag of your Dr. Mojo blend and a “happy” coffee mug of their own.  You guys simply rock!


  1. I would like to try the Larrys House Blend
    jodysis at windstream dot net

  2. I'd like to try the True Colombia beans.

  3. I'd like to try the Frenchy French Roast!

  4. Would love to try this one - Fire In The Belly Blend.
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  5. House Blends are always good.
    dolniaks at consolidated dot net

  6. I'm another one for house blends!