Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GOOD Hemp Seed Oil

 I just love my heart-healthy oils. I use olive oil and canola oil frequently, but was very interested to try GOOD Hemp Seed Oil because I wasn't exactly sure what it would taste like & wanted to learn more about the health benefits.

The taste is very good.  The kids & the husband liked it too.  It has a nutty flavor to the oil, almost like a sunflower seed, from the hemp seeds.  We used it as a dipping oil for bread with a shake of Italian Seasonings.

And once I learned it was created by a couple of British guys, well....I knew that 1)  I liked the products already because lets face it...most American girls love British guys and 2)  I knew their commercial would be stunning and it is!  Take a look below for a very creative and entertaining video:

So let's talk about the health benefits of GOOD Hemp Seed Oil:
  • 2.5g of OMEGA 3's per serving (tablespoon) which is fantastic since most people do not get enough OMEGA 3's in their diet
  • 23x more OMEGA 3's than Olive Oil & 2x more than Canola Oil, which is great for people who need to switch it up or for people who need those extra OMEGA 3's but do not want fish-derived products
  • 28% less saturated fat than Olive Oil
  • GOOD Health Facts check this link for more healthy facts!
  • Vegetarian and Vegan approved!

Thank you GOOD for sending me your delicious hemp seed oils at no-cost for my review! All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.


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