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Please email me or comment here with your nutrition-related questions and I will be glad to publish some hot topics!

Questions submitted by readers:
  1. Can I lose weight without exercising? 
  2. What is the honest truth about fiber?
  3. What kind of healthy food options are available in airports?
  4. What are the health benefits of Flaxseed?
  5. What are the heart healthy benefits of wine?
Online Resources:

  • Diabetes:
  • Celiac Disease:
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: &

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  1. i am trying to find out where or how to get coupons for organic foods like eggs etc.. my grandparents shop at whole foods only and it costs them $800-1,000 monthly to do so that is crazy , so i would like to know what site i can go to to print them coupons. they buy organic valley products, everything they buy comes from organic or the health food stores. my e-mail is