Monday, November 28, 2016

Make Lunchtime Interesting Again! Healthy And Delicious Ideas To Take To Work

I don’t know about you, but I always get stuck in a routine for work. I make the same old lunches, week in, week out. And I think it’s the same for a lot of people. After all, it can be a challenge to think of new ideas that will rock your world. And at the same time, will keep you healthy and full until dinner. Therefore, here are some healthy and delicious ideas to make lunchtime enjoyable again.

Go for a berry and chicken salad

A salad is often a healthy choice if you are looking for something tasty for your lunch. But a plain chicken salad can get boring after a few days. To make it more interesting, you should add some type of fruit. Some juicy berries will tickle your taste buds and give the salad some extra flavor. And as well as this, it helps you achieve your five-a-day which is always a bonus! You can find some great recipes for berry and chicken salad on And remember it can be any berry you like; strawberries are a top choice as they make it tastier and are full of antioxidants!

Make a sweet potato and orange soup

A lot of people stick to boring tomato or chicken noodle soup for work. After all, it’s easy to make, and it’s warming during the colder months. But after a few weeks of tomato or chicken noodle soup, it can be rather dull. Not only this, but you are missing out on a chance to have more nutrients during the day. After all, you can add plenty of fruit and vegetables to soup. Therefore, it’s time to be more adventurous with your soup. You should consider going for something a lot more exciting such as a sweet potato and orange combination. Not only will it taste amazing, but they are such healthy essentials you should add to your day. In fact, sweet potato is a superfood which can help us to live longer! If you struggle to chop it up, you might want to look into getting a santoku knife. That way, you can quickly prepare the ingredients ready for the soup! You can find them on sites similar to And remember to get plenty of containers out when you are making the soup. After all, you can freeze them and then just take them out when you need to!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2016 The Honest Dietitian Gift Guide for Your Foodies & FitFam


~**Half-Moon Yoga Products**~ 

Foodie, Fitfam, and all of your loved ones can benefit from the products at Half-Moon Yoga. You will find so many ways to give the gift of relaxation and strength to your loved ones. Here are some of my favorites:

The Hot & Cold Therapy Pillow with Lavender: THIS is the perfect gift for anyone who suffers from headaches or head/neck tension. You can heat it up in the microwave (what I prefer to put over my shoulders to relief tension) or you can put it in the freezer to get cold (what I prefer when I am suffering from migraines to put over my eyes). The lavender scent is divine and it was certainly a lot bigger than I expected, which was fantastic. If your MOM does not have one of these, get her one too. Get the therapy pillow here

The Om Zafus Meditation Cushion: This is a travel-sized meditation cushion that I have really come to love because not only is it comfortable to sit on for meditating or slowing down for a moment, it has helped me to stay tall and provide support for maintaining good posture during all of the driving I have been doing. There are so many great patterns, this is truly a wonderful gift.  Get your Om Zafus here

Mat Cleaner for your Yogis: I had no idea this stuff existed but I am so incredibly happy that I have it now. If you have anyone in your life who does yoga, or works with a fitness mat...get them some of this mat cleaner! It is made with natural ingredients to keep your mat healthy and it comes in a variety of different scents (I love the French Lavender) or unscented too! Get your mat clean here!

~**Artisana Organic**~

If you want to send the gift of high quality food items to your loved ones this holiday season, check out the entire catalog over at Artisana Organics.  I have loved the coconut butter, raw sesame seed tahini, and the cocoa hazelnut spread. All of their products are amazing and delicious! Give this to a foodie in your life and sit back to watch the magic happen. Hopefully, they will share in what they create! Get these goodies here

~**Adagio Teas**~

CHOCOLATE CHIP TEA!!! Seriously, the dessert teas from Adagio are unbelievable! I have sampled so many of the flavors and I am just smitten with the selection. Sometimes we just need to satisfy our sweet tooth without any calories and this is where it’s at. Get this for all of your fitfam & foodies out there.  In addition to the chocolate chip tea, I recommend the golden monkey, thai chai,
candy cane, and probably my favorite new tea: honeybush chocolate tea. Click here to get your tea!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

10 Surprising Foods with Health Benefits

If you are anything like me, you are alway on the lookout for foods which are going to pack a punch. The fact is, it can be all too easy to get into the old routines of eating. Part of the problem for many people is that they have forgotten how to branch out. This might sometimes be because they don’t think that those other foods can really bring any benefit. Often, however, it is the case that foods provide you with many benefits which you don’t necessarily consider. Often, common everyday foods which we overlook are actually packed full of goodness. At other times, they simply provide a little boost which you might not have been aware of. In this article, we are going to take a look at some surprising health benefits of various foods. Hopefully, this will encourage you to bring in a little more variety into your diet. Let’s take a look.


We all know that chocolate is delicious, but those who are nutritionally minded will usually shun it from their everyday diet. It’s true that you don’t want to include too much chocolate in your diet, of course. However, that doesn’t mean that it is all bad news. In fact, chocolate does have a couple of positive points which are worth considering. Dark chocolate in particular has the advantage of being full of antioxidants, while this is less true of milk or white chocolate. It is also good for your circulation, so long as you keep the amount down to a minimum. And if that wasn’t enough, it has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke. What’s more, taken in the right quantities, it can actually reduce your cholesterol as well. It’s starting to look like chocolate just might be your best friend!


This one might seem a little shocking, but bear in mind that we are talking here about popcorn without the added salt and sugar. Cinema popcorn is unlikely to be any good for you at all. But take away the toppings and you are left with a surprisingly healthy snack. Plain popcorn includes whole grain, fiber and antioxidants, and as such is likely to work wonders on your system. Next time you are looking for a snack, popcorn is likely to be a much more healthy alternative to crisps, for example. What’s more, it also happens to be cheap when bought in bulk wholesale. This is a whole new side to popcorn which we just haven’t seen before. Of course, as with anything, there is such a thing as overdoing it. But for the occasional snack, you could do much worse than grabbing some plain popcorn.

Kitchen Essentials for the Healthiest Foodies

Healthy living usually involves a healthy diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables. That doesn’t mean you have to cut out everything else. That wouldn’t be healthy at all. But it does sometimes prevent you from enjoying those delicious indulgences we like to have when we’re out. To take control of the foods you put inside, you might prefer to make everything at home yourself. This can ensure maximum nutritional value, as well as complete calorie control too. But is it boring?

Foodies can relax. There are so many great recipes available now for healthier versions of all your favorite indulgences. Foodies love flavor, texture, and that satisfaction that can come from the eating experience. Diets shouldn’t hinder that or inhibit the kinds of things you eat. After all, if you follow some sensible advice and good recipes, you can still bake yourself a delicious cake (maybe share it though).

So what are the essentials that make up a great kitchen? If you are partial to cakes, then invest in some good cake tins. Baking with fewer fats and more vegetables can make a wetter consistency. Silicon muffin cups can be ideal if you’re baking with courgette or beetroot as a moistener. Of course, if you like to bake whole cakes, a two part tin is essential. Pick ones that can easy clean in the dishwasher.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Feel the Burn! 3 Steps to Staying Motivated with Exercise

How many times have you started a workout routine only to give up before you start to see any real results? Don't worry; you're not alone. So many people end up giving up and losing motivation when they're exercising. And the reason behind it comes down to one simple truth. Exercise is hard work. It might be fun, it might be good for you, but it's hard work. And the problem with that is that it really is just so much easy to sit at home in front of the TV. But fear not! There are ways to stay motivated in the face of the all that work.

Set a goal


One of the hardest things about staying motivated is not being able to see the progress that you're making. Putting in all that effort that doesn't seem to be doing anything can be seriously discouraging. One of the best things that you can do to avoid getting discouraged in this way is to set a goal. Make it specific as well. Something like "I want to be fitter" or "I want to have a six-pack" aren't going to do. If your goal is vague, then you're going to be vague in how you go about achieving it. Make your goal clear and specific, and include milestones along the way. Being able to tick off your goals will help you to see the progress you're making which will help you stay motivated.

Keep a routine

One of the hardest things about exercising is actually finding the time to do it. Life can be busy, and it's hard to justify prioritizing exercise over all the other jobs you have to do. The key to making time is to set up a solid routine and, most importantly, stick to it. Find a time every day that you can keep set to one side to exercise. It can be early in the morning before work or in the evening before bed. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to make it regular and to stick to it no matter what!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Honest Dietitian's 2016 Commuter Food Favorites

Featuring My Favorite Commuter Foods

I drive a lot. I made the choice to go for my PhD and since I am a parent and had no intentions of moving my kids away from their friends and schools, this means I have a 3 hour round-trip commute to school between 1-4 days per week (depending on the semester). Couple that in with a full-time job as a clinical nutrition manager for three of those years...I have been busy. There is no doubt that a crazy schedule like this can sure make a person Hangry if they are not careful. And, since a lot of my commute is on the beautiful I-40, there have been many a times when I have been stuck in traffic for hours due to car accidents, fires, and so on. The worst was when I was leaving campus in time to make it home for my husband's delicious Fodmap friendly taco dip when I hit a standstill on I-40 with no possible way to exit to an alternative route. It was over 90 degrees outside and I had no water (I always carry a refillable bottle but it was empty), no food...and almost two hours later when we started to move, I had a raging migraine. That was the last time I have ever traveled without an emergency snack. Sometimes my schedule has been so packed that the only real "free" time I have had in a day has been the time I am in my car driving to the next scheduled event. I have found that I need to have 3 different types of foods to make my days and commutes the best they can be. I am also making this list with the very true assumption (for me) that there is not going to be appropriate access to a microwave to heat up any food. Here they are:

  • Commuter Food Number One: Foods that will get me through my scheduled meal times when I do not have a lunchbox with an ice pack. This is the good 'ole "I'm running so behind that I am going to throw a bunch of food into a plastic bag" situation. Even as a mostly Type A personality, I can't plan for everything to go smoothly so this does happen more often than I like.

GoMacro Thrive Bars & Protein Bars.
I love these bars. My favorite flavors are the Caramel Coconut Thrive Bar & the Protein Pleasure Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar. GoMacro makes really great products. I just noticed they have a sampler pack, so if you haven' tried these before- I highly recommend them. 

Barney Butters Almond Butter Snack Packs.
These butters are perfect to have on hand and with the large variety of choices, you are definitely going to find a flavor that you love. My favorite flavors are the Vanilla Espresso, Honey Flax, Cocoa Coconut, and the Bare Smooth Almond Butter. I literally have one of these snack packs in my purse at all time. Buy them here.

You will love these almond butters!

Artisans Organics Single Serving Squeeze Packs.
To be honest, I might be in love with the cashew nut butter. It is so incredibly creamy and delicious, I just love it so much. They also make squeeze packs for pecan butter, walnut butter, coconut butter, and so on. You will see me using their coconut butter & unbelievable cocoa spreads in some future recipes. Get your squeeze packs here.

Glutino Crackers.
You have to have something to put all of those delicious butters on! I like the original, cheddar, and sea salt crackers by Glutino. They are gluten-free but have a great consistency and are strong crackers to take on the road. The original crackers with the cashew nut butter and an orange, washed down with some chocolate coconut water is my pre-workout snack on my busy driving days. Give Glutino crackers a try!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Your Mouth Says A Lot About Your Health! Tips for Keeping a Healthy Smile

Looking healthy and happy isn’t just what is on the inside, it’s how you perceive yourself on the outside. People can say a lot about how they feel based on what they wear or how they are wearing it. I remember when I took my first organic chemistry class and I asked my professor if he had any advice for the first exam and he said "Dress the part. Come in here looking like the professional you want to be and own it." At the time, I thought it was odd, but I did it anyways and maybe it did help. I came to my exam business casual instead of shorts and flip-flops and felt confident, happy, and healthy. But sometimes it’s just having a clean bright smile that’s enough to make someone think how happy and healthy you truly are. Your mouth says a lot about your health. You don’t need to be reaching for the whitening kits or having teeth replaced just yet. It’s easy to get a healthy smile by just changing a few habits and ensuring you have good dental care. With that in mind, I thought I would share some top tips to help you maintain that perfect natural smile.

Sourced image

Keep up with a regular brushing routine

Brushing your teeth is something we possibly take for granted. We might not even think about the whole process that forms part of our morning or evening routine. But regular brushing for a decent amount of time is proven to reduce plaque and keep those teeth pearly white. Our teeth and mouths get put under a lot of pressure, and more food and drink these days has the power to harm or stain our teeth. So ensuring you keep on top of brushing will be the key to ensuring your mouth stays healthy and happy. The natural way. And many dental professionals have told me that you cannot brush too often, but you can brush too hard! So make sure to keep the pressure soft.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Burn Through Your Cardio in Only 15 Minutes!

If you’ve ever been to a gym, you’ll have noticed the rows upon rows of people using cardio machines. It’s a national pastime. But is it time well spent? 

Nobody can argue that cardio isn’t an important part of your fitness regimen - it is. It’s just that cardio needn’t be the hour-long trek that we see so often in the gym and in the park. If you want the benefits of doing cardio, but don’t want to spend ages doing it, here’s what to do:

Wikimedia Commons

Start Sprinting

Doing sprints is key to achieving the rocking bod you are after. Sprints have two important effects on your body. First, they are incredibly demanding on your muscles and your respiratory system. In effect, they shock your body into making improvements and using oxygen more efficiently. Second, sprints don’t cause your body to eat its own muscle like long cardio sessions do. It’s why sprinters manage to maintain so much muscle.

If you’ve got a home gym, you do sprints on a treadmill. If you don’t have a treadmill yet, read reviews, like the Sole F85 review here. Or you can simply go to the park and do sprints there. Sprint for 15 seconds, then rest for a minute, then sprint again. Do this ten to twelve times for a killer cardio workout.

Use high intensity training

Sprints aren’t the only high-intensity cardio training activity out there. In fact, most forms of cardio are amenable to increased intensity. Take the elliptical for instance. You can do HIIT on the elliptical simply by increasing the resistance of the machine. The same applies to the stationary bike. Just put it into high gear, get out of the saddle, and work as hard as you can for, say, 30 seconds. Then rest. Then repeat.