Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Your Mouth Says A Lot About Your Health! Tips for Keeping a Healthy Smile

Looking healthy and happy isn’t just what is on the inside, it’s how you perceive yourself on the outside. People can say a lot about how they feel based on what they wear or how they are wearing it. I remember when I took my first organic chemistry class and I asked my professor if he had any advice for the first exam and he said "Dress the part. Come in here looking like the professional you want to be and own it." At the time, I thought it was odd, but I did it anyways and maybe it did help. I came to my exam business casual instead of shorts and flip-flops and felt confident, happy, and healthy. But sometimes it’s just having a clean bright smile that’s enough to make someone think how happy and healthy you truly are. Your mouth says a lot about your health. You don’t need to be reaching for the whitening kits or having teeth replaced just yet. It’s easy to get a healthy smile by just changing a few habits and ensuring you have good dental care. With that in mind, I thought I would share some top tips to help you maintain that perfect natural smile.

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Keep up with a regular brushing routine

Brushing your teeth is something we possibly take for granted. We might not even think about the whole process that forms part of our morning or evening routine. But regular brushing for a decent amount of time is proven to reduce plaque and keep those teeth pearly white. Our teeth and mouths get put under a lot of pressure, and more food and drink these days has the power to harm or stain our teeth. So ensuring you keep on top of brushing will be the key to ensuring your mouth stays healthy and happy. The natural way. And many dental professionals have told me that you cannot brush too often, but you can brush too hard! So make sure to keep the pressure soft.

Don’t forget to visit the dentist regularly

Along with regular brushing there is something that we must always do, but yet many of us either forget or would rather avoid it. Can you guess? That is visiting the dentist regularly. Whether it’s the smell of the office, or just the thought of having someone closely checking out your teeth, it can be enough for you to avoid visits. However, having regular appointments can make sure that your teeth are in a good healthy condition. Often if things aren’t going too well a dentist can resolve the issue quickly and effectively. Without the need for stronger treatment. If you are even unsure about locating a dentist then this website could help you. I have also found that being up-front with your expectations really does help, for example, if you only want fluoride once a year or if you have sensitivities to water temperatures.

The power of flossing

Flossing should form part of your daily routine of taking care of your teeth. This is because dental floss can help fight against things like gum disease. Which is something that can inflame your gums and make them quite sore. It can also help get rid of any build of plaque, which is sticky substance of bacteria. I know some recent news says that flossing may not be any more effective than brushing daily, but I am just going to disagree. I have some teeth that are a little snug together and flossing is the only thing that helps get the food & bacteria out. Whenever I am talking to elementary school kids about nutrition, I always tell them about how the bacteria that lives in-between our teeth likes to eat all of the sugar we eat and this is how cavities form. This seems to motivate them to want to take care of their oral health when they envision the bacteria eating their food in-between their teeth, but it is true!

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Good breath is hard to find, make it easy with mouthwash

It’s all well and good having a great smile, but breath is something we simply must keep in check. Our breath can also signal more serious issues, such as GERD or ketosis, so if you are having chronic issues with bad breath, seek professional care. And to avoid any issues in social situations or before a professional presentation, if you don't have time to brush, keep a good mouthwash nearby. It can help keep bad odors at bay for the whole day.

Smile and the world smiles with you

Finally, smiling is one of the most natural things to do. It certainly can be one of the ways you can ensure people know how you are feeling. The world is happier place when you have a smile on your face.

I hope these tips help you maintain a healthy and happy smile!


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