Thursday, October 28, 2021

I'm still'll just have to come find me at now!

The Honest Dietitian blog has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me over the years and it was 100% through and through written to be a space for me to come and just talk about what I love- food and nutrition. 

I have honestly (because that is my thing...honesty) been blessed to fall into a position where I am now able to write about food and nutrition as my actual everyday job. It is what I have always wanted out of my career. And without all of you who were here at the beginning of The Honest Dietitian- where I really found this passion for writing- I cannot thank you enough for supporting me as life happened and now I feel like I am truly where I am supposed to be.

This still will stay alive, because let's face it- my white chicken chili slaps. But if you want to read some really awesome nutrition information, please come check me out on where we are building a community of both nutrition and health experts to provide information and resources for our community of acid reflux, GERD, and IBS sufferers out there. So much good stuff there! 

Again, you are all rockstars and I Love Ya 🙏❤️

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