Some of my favorite kitchen gadgets:

  • The Vegetti Pro- This is amazing. I can make veggie noodles, veggie chips, everything veggie with this product. It is a GREAT GIFT for the foodies in your life. There is also a ton of recipes on pinterest with the Vegetti. Hours worth of recipes...
  • Cuisinart Dutch Oven- I have always love dutch ovens for cooking and have really been into the cook on the stove & finish off in the oven type of recipes. The quality of this oven is stellar, the color is great, and it is very easy to clean.

  • Trudeau Stress-Less Safety Can Opener- This product would be an amazing GIFT for anyone but seriously- if you have someone who has arthritis or maybe even an injury to where using a can opener might be difficult, PLEASE consider purchasing this for them. It is completely stress-free & I really can't imagine using a different type of can opener ever again.