Saturday, October 29, 2016

No More Excuses! Helpful Tips for Creating a Home Gym

If you want to improve your fitness, you need to join a gym right? Wrong. While many people believe that a gym membership will help them get fit, it’s not the only option. Creating a gym in your home can be a fantastic alternative to joining a gym. It can help you to get fit, is more convenient and can save you both time and money. But many people overlook having home gyms because they think traditional gyms will benefit them more. So if you’re unsure whether you should cancel your membership and create a home gym, read these compelling reasons to help you decide. Personally, I love building on to our home gym. We have a weightlifting platform, kettle bells, my spin bike, medicine balls, and more. These really eliminate the opportunity to give the good ole' excuse of "I don't have time to workout".

My gym is a work in progress, but I love it!

A home gym can save you money

Gym memberships are notoriously expensive and a waste of money if you don’t use them regularly. Whereas home gyms can help you to save money. While they do require some money up front to buy the equipment you need, they can be created relatively cheaply. You can buy only the equipment you need rather than buying everything your gym has. Sale events and second-hand models can also help you get equipment at discounted rates.

Once bought, can then use this equipment as often as you like without having to pay for the privilege. In the long run, this will be far cheaper than the costly membership you’ve been paying for. See and other review sites for advice on choosing home gym equipment.


You can avoid germs

Gyms are not always the most hygienic places to spend time in, particularly if they are used by a lot of people. Germs can easily be passed around if the gym is not clean to a high standard each day. This can make you sick which can also put your exercise regime on hold. But when you have a home gym, you only have your own germs to contend with. You can clean your equipment thoroughly each time you use it to ensure you stay fit and healthy. This is something that many gyms don’t allow. For information on keeping your gym equipment hygienic, visit

You can get fitness support at home

One of the main reasons why people join gyms is for the direction and support provided by the personal trainers. This often comes as part of your gym membership. While it is understandably a big perk, you can also get the support you need at home too. There are countless exercise tutorials on and fitness blogs which you can use. You can watch these on your phone or a tablet as you exercise in your home gym.

If you aren't married to a CSCS- certified strength & conditioning coach, like I am (lucky me!) another option is to hire a personal trainer to visit you at home. This will allow you to continue getting the guidance you need to reach your fitness goals.

From the equipment to the support, there are a number of perks that can come from going to the gym. But creating your own home gym can help you accomplish your fitness goals and give you multiple benefits too. So start creating your own today to see how effective a home gym can be.


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