Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Going bananas sure tastes good!

I think bananas get some bad hype.  I used to hear it all of the time in the hospital from patients..."Bananas are too high in calories"..."Bananas have too much sugar"...and that made me sad.  Bananas are a wonderful fruit that you can get year round.  They are one of the best sources for potassium and vitamin B6.  They also contain vitamin C and manganese, which protect your body from nasty, harmful free-radical damage to your cells.  If you are picking bananas out at the store, and want some that are ripe and ready to eat (or bake banana bread/muffins with), you need to look for ones that are yellow with a few brown spots on them.  The vitamins & healthy enzymes are at their peak when the fruit is ripe!

One medium banana only contains around 109 calories, which is a great snack choice!  Put it between two pieces of whole grain bread and slap on some peanut butter and you have yourself an "Elvis" sandwich (but keep off that bacon)!  Bananas are cheap & easy to add to many recipes to sneak in some extra nutrition, such as smoothies, fruit salad, and oatmeal!

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