Monday, September 19, 2011

Greek Yogurt: The popular kid in school

I love, love, love Greek yogurt.  I love the texture &  I love the slight bitter twang that you experience when you eat it.  I am not a huge meat eater so finding an excellent protein source is like finding a gold mine for me.  I have tried almost every type of Greek yogurt available and my favorite is Chobani's Pineapple or Pomegranate flavors Chobani Yogurt.  However, today I had the opportunity to try the Laura Lynn Nonfat Blueberry Greek yogurt.  It is just as delicious as the Chobani brand yogurts and I would probably say I liked the consistency a little better (not as thick).  Laura Lynn is the Ingles Markets brand product and for those of you who have an Ingles Market around you, an excellent, cost-efficient alternative to paying for name brand food items.  See if there is an Ingles near you:  Ingles Markets.  If not, check and see if your local store has an alternative brand product to compare.

Why is Greek yogurt so popular now?  Most Greek yogurts are low-fat or non-fat, packing a lot of hunger-satisfying protein into a lower calorie food option.  These yogurts often contain probiotics, which help to encourage a healthy gut, therefore a healthy immune system.  Additionally, they contain a good dose of Calcium (this particular yogurt had 15% of your daily value).  Some people argue that they are too expensive.  Since the high amount of protein in the yogurt keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time, you can combine it with a 1/2 a cup of a nice fiber-containing cereal (such as Fiber One) or put some extra fruit in there for a low-calorie, easy breakfast.  In fact, I bought this yogurt for $1.00 on sale.  Leave the saturated fat and grease at the dollar menu and pick up a Greek yogurt today!


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