Monday, November 7, 2011

Pirate's Booty Snacks

I am sure it is hard having a Dietitian as a Mom.  Although my kids stand up for their healthy lunches I pack for them, when other kids who eat Doritos and Oatmeal Pies every day in their lunches criticize them for having fruit and vegetables, I know that sometimes they want something a little extra special in their lunch.  So I enjoy packing them Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar Snacks.  In fact, Pirate's Booty has 12-pack half-ounce lunch packs that are perfect for lunches!  You can find them at Whole Foods and Target, but their popularity is spreading fast, since more and more people are seeing how tasty it is!

Here's why I like Pirate's Booty:
  • They are ALL NATURAL 
  • They are BAKED
  • Low-Calorie & Low-Fat

I find that Pirate's Booty makes a great addition to lunches, but also a great snack for the kid's sports teams.  I love introducing better snack options when I provide snacks to the kid's sports teams because the kids always love them.  In fact, this Halloween, they had the Pirate's Booty boxes to give out the snacks for treats (see above picture), but I bought a few boxes for soccer snacks...and lunch.  When they say "Get Hooked!" on Pirate's Booty, they are right.  This stuff is good...really, really good.  Try it out on your kids and yourself and you will get hooked!  Thanks so much to Pirate's Booty for letting me review your products at no-cost.  All of my opinions are 100% my very own.


  1. I've never tried these, but I have seen them in stores. My kids don't get the processed junk food either lol.

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