Monday, February 20, 2012

Oregon Chai Review & Giveaway

Mmm...I love Chai Tea.  Oregon Chai is the chai tea of all chai teas!  They graciously sent me three different types of chai tea to try:  the Original, the Energia herbal chai, and Dreamscape herbal chai.  Each box comes with 20 bags of pure bliss.  There are so many different ways to enjoy your chai.  I enjoy it heated with or without a little bit of sugar and cream.  I also enjoy it cold, brewed and poured over ice for a refreshing treat.  Chai has always been regarded as a healthy alternative to coffee, with a lower level of caffeine (although the Dreamscape is naturally caffeine free) and has been known to improve one's vitality, mental clarity, and calming- all at the same time!  Not to mention, it tastes incredible.  These three different blends of chai are fitting for whatever mood you are in.  I obviously cannot pick a favorite, because I adore all three blends.

So, you're ready to try it, right?  Thanks to Oregon Chai, we have my first birthday week giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive a box of each Oregon Chai flavor above:  The Original, The Energia Herbal Chai, and The Dreamscape Herbal Chai.  Good Luck!!

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