Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers are some of the tastiest crackers I have ever had!  I have tried quite a few gluten-free foods that have not tasted good, but each and every flavor of the Crunchmaster brand crackers was great.  In fact, one of my interns was placed on a Gluten-Free diet by her physician and I brought in the bag of the White Cheddar Multi-Grain Crackers to try.  The only problem was that by the end of the work day, my co-workers and other interns had ate the entire bag!  Oops!  I will certainly be buying these crackers to keep in my home and after looking around, found that they were in many stores around town.  Other flavors I tried were Multi-Grain Roasted Vegetables & Sea Salt and the 7-Ancient Grains in Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper & Herb.

The texture of these crackers from the rice is very pleasing to the palate.  They are very solid for putting spreads on and a perfect match for soups.  One of the wonderful things about the Crunchmaster crackers is their recipe tab.  You can use these crackers in many recipes to create amazing Gluten-Free dishes such as Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Casserole, Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken Tenders, and Gorgonzola Stuffed Celery.  These crackers rock my socks off!  They have a store locator and a coupon on their site, so check them out.  Even if you are not following a Gluten-Free diet...these crackers still apply to you!  Thanks so much to Crunchmaster for letting me try these Gluten-Free crackers at no cost for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. The way you describe that gluten free crackers makes me wanna head to the nearest Long Island gluten free stores and try it. I am taking your word that it's delicious so hopefully, I get to enjoy this one too.

  2. I love gluten-free desserts and cookies as well. In fact, I got a few stocks in my fridge. Anyway, I went to New York last month and tasted the best cupcake from a wholesale Bakery. I wish I could come and visit that bakery when I get some time soon.

  3. I love partnering gluten-free desserts with Shiraz Viognier red wine to make their taste better. Any dessert is best when you finish it up with wine.